AncestryDNA coupon codes

Use AncestryDNA Coupon Codes to See If You Have Any Ancestors From the Carolinas

If you have been planning on visiting the Carolinas as you think you may have heritage here, why not do a DNA test and use to look into it before visiting? I found some AncestryDNA coupon codes that will get you a great price on their DNA testing services.

How to use AncestryDNA coupon codes is divided into two services, there is the genetic testing component at AncestryDNA, and then there is the genealogy database of historical records as well. You can sign up for just one service or the other, but by bundling them both together you will get the best price and the clearest picture of your family tree. You may even find living relatives that you had no idea about before! When you are signing up for any of their services there will be a link on the checkout page that says ‘Have a Coupon?’. Click on that to expand it and then you can enter your AncestryDNA coupon code. Some promo codes will get you free shipping on the DNA test kit, others will get you a discount on access to the historical records.

After you have made your purchase Ancestry will send you a test kit in the mail and instructions on how to take your DNA sample. Once you have completed your test you mail it back to the company, and they will send you an email with your results in approximately 6 weeks. Then it gets exciting!

Use the results of your DNA test and historical records to research your family tree

When you get your test results back, it will include any living relatives of yours who may have also taken a DNA test. If you have signed up for access to the database, you can actually start your research anytime before you get your DNA test back. You start off by inputting as much family information as you can, you can start with even just the names of your parents and grandparents but the more information you can give them the better. Then it will do its thing and give you a bunch of suggestions it has found which will be marked with a leaf icon. You can review them and see if you think they might be a match, if they are then you can add the leaf to the tree!

Since you will be travelling to the Carolinas, you can always narrow your search there if you do find some links. The database includes lot of different records including newspaper articles, school records, marriage licenses, and even prison records! It may turn out that your family is from an entirely different part of the country, but who knows when you get that DNA test back you might find out about a branch of your family tree that you had no idea existed!

Use AncestryDNA coupon codes to help plan your trip to the Carolinas!

Plan your trip to the Carolinas

According to most locals, the best time to visit is April or October. Any later in spring and apparently the bugs come out in full force, and the summer can be quite humid. Local residents feel that winter time is chilly, but depending on where you are coming from you may find the temperatures quite pleasant! Wintertime temperatures range from the low 40s to 60s.

If you’ve found out through your research that you have or had family in a certain area you should definitely take some time to check it out. Otherwise popular places to visit include Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, Asheville, the Outer Banks Islands, Hilton Head Island, Raleigh, and of course Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Carolinas are best known for their beaches and outdoor activities, so it really depends on what you like to do. If you like hanging out at the beach and water activities there are lots of great islands and beaches, or if you prefer the wilderness and hiking you should absolutely visit Great Smoky Mountains. If you’re more of a city slicker then you might enjoy Charleston, particularly if you are interested in local history. The city retains a lot of it’s old charm, and there is a wealth of walking tours available. Not to mention great restaurants!

Enjoy your trip!

Whenever you decide to visit, and if you have a historical link or not, we hope you enjoy visiting the Carolinas! Don’t forget to use that coupon code when getting your AncestryDNA test, and make sure to try some of our wonderful southern food while you are here.