travel for less with promo code deals

Travel for Less by Using Promo Code Deals & Other Tips

It’s not quite time to travel again yet, but it will be soon! Now is actually a great time to book, as most travel companies are offering great deals and flexible dates if you need to reschedule. If you’ve always wanted to travel but it’s been out of reach, now might be the time! We have a few tips and tricks to save even more, such as how to use a promo code to get discounts on flights, hotels, and more.

Always use a promo code when booking

This applies to anything, all the major travel websites like Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire,, and others offer coupon codes. You can usually get a deal by booking your accommodation, flights, and car rentals through them as a package and then doubling down on the savings by applying a promo code as well. It’s a good idea to shop around though, sometimes you can get a better price on the flight by booking directly through the airline, and always check to see if they have any coupons themselves. I find it’s rare to get a better price on a hotel by booking direct, but it’s worth a look anyways. Renting a car? They usually have more promo codes available than the hotels and airlines do as the market is quite competitive. Think about it, you land at the airport and there are 10 different car rental companies with free shuttles. What is going to make you choose their company over the other 9 equally convenient ones?

And this doesn’t just apply to transportation and lodging. I’m sure you will be eating out while you are on vacation, take a look and see if any local restaurants are offering coupons or specials. Restaurants have had a pretty rough go this past year, so they may be offering deals that they wouldn’t normally. Are you planning on taking part in some local activities or seeing local attractions? It’s quite likely you will be able to find a discount code for those as well. It just takes a little sleuthing in Google!

Use a promo code to visit the Carolinas for less!

Wait for seat sales

If you are planning on flying to your destination, sign up for the airlines email list. If you can be patient and flexible on your travel dates then you can wait until the company is having a seat sale and potentially save up to 50% on what you would normally pay for a ticket. One drawback is that they can be last-minute as they are trying to fill undersold flights. The other is that they are usually for very limited travel dates, so you have to be able to go during their narrow window. If you need to be able to book time off work and give them plenty of notice this may be a challenge. However if you do have a flexible schedule the savings are absolutely worth it.

Although hotels don’t commonly offer sales on their room rates, they will sometimes offer bed & breakfast or spa package deals, so you may want to join a mailing list to look out for those. The car rental companies tend to offer better rates on rentals during the weekday vs. the weekends and during certain seasons.

Travel during off-peak times

There are some times that it is just way more expensive to travel such as spring break and around Christmas. Travel companies don’t have a hard time filling flights or hotel rooms around these times, so they aren’t especially motivated to offer great deals. However if you travel during a time that is typically quieter such as the fall it is usually much less expensive, you are dealing with much smaller crowds, and you can get some incredible discounts. There is a reason my family always went to Disneyland in October or November.

Here in the Carolinas the least expensive time of year to visit is the late fall/winter before Christmas. Now, if you ask any locals about the weather during that time they will tell you it’s very cold. However, if you’re from somewhere that actually gets cold in the winter you will probably find it’s quite pleasant. It won’t be warm enough to go swimming at our famous beaches though, although you can still visit the Outer Banks islands and take in the beautiful scenery. I personally think April is the perfect month to visit, it will be warm but not too hot and muggy yet, and the flowers are in full bloom. Just make sure you go before or after spring break otherwise it will be quite busy and expensive! October is also a great time, the temperature is nice and there are some excellent ghost tours in Charleston if you enjoy that type of thing.

Plan ahead, wait for sales, and always use a promo code

It’s not really that hard to get a great price on your vacation, just takes a little bit of patience, research on Google, and prep work. Wait until a great sale or coupon comes up, and you’ll be good to go. We look forward to seeing you soon!