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Travel for Less by Using Promo Code Deals & Other Tips

It’s not quite time to travel again yet, but it will be soon! Now is actually a great time to book, as most travel companies are offering great deals and flexible dates if you need to reschedule. If you’ve always wanted to travel but it’s been out of reach, now might be the time! We have a few tips and tricks to save even more, such as how to use a promo code to get discounts on flights, hotels, and more.

Always use a promo code when booking

This applies to anything, all the major travel websites like Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire,, and others offer coupon codes. You can usually get a deal by booking your accommodation, flights, and car rentals through them as a package and then doubling down on the savings by applying a promo code as well. It’s a good idea to shop around though, sometimes you can get a better price on the flight by booking directly through the airline, and always check to see if they have any coupons themselves. I find it’s rare to get a better price on a hotel by booking direct, but it’s worth a look anyways. Renting a car? They usually have more promo codes available than the hotels and airlines do as the market is quite competitive. Think about it, you land at the airport and there are 10 different car rental companies with free shuttles. What is going to make you choose their company over the other 9 equally convenient ones?

And this doesn’t just apply to transportation and lodging. I’m sure you will be eating out while you are on vacation, take a look and see if any local restaurants are offering coupons or specials. Restaurants have had a pretty rough go this past year, so they may be offering deals that they wouldn’t normally. Are you planning on taking part in some local activities or seeing local attractions? It’s quite likely you will be able to find a discount code for those as well. It just takes a little sleuthing in Google!

Use a promo code to visit the Carolinas for less!

Wait for seat sales

If you are planning on flying to your destination, sign up for the airlines email list. If you can be patient and flexible on your travel dates then you can wait until the company is having a seat sale and potentially save up to 50% on what you would normally pay for a ticket. One drawback is that they can be last-minute as they are trying to fill undersold flights. The other is that they are usually for very limited travel dates, so you have to be able to go during their narrow window. If you need to be able to book time off work and give them plenty of notice this may be a challenge. However if you do have a flexible schedule the savings are absolutely worth it.

Although hotels don’t commonly offer sales on their room rates, they will sometimes offer bed & breakfast or spa package deals, so you may want to join a mailing list to look out for those. The car rental companies tend to offer better rates on rentals during the weekday vs. the weekends and during certain seasons.

Travel during off-peak times

There are some times that it is just way more expensive to travel such as spring break and around Christmas. Travel companies don’t have a hard time filling flights or hotel rooms around these times, so they aren’t especially motivated to offer great deals. However if you travel during a time that is typically quieter such as the fall it is usually much less expensive, you are dealing with much smaller crowds, and you can get some incredible discounts. There is a reason my family always went to Disneyland in October or November.

Here in the Carolinas the least expensive time of year to visit is the late fall/winter before Christmas. Now, if you ask any locals about the weather during that time they will tell you it’s very cold. However, if you’re from somewhere that actually gets cold in the winter you will probably find it’s quite pleasant. It won’t be warm enough to go swimming at our famous beaches though, although you can still visit the Outer Banks islands and take in the beautiful scenery. I personally think April is the perfect month to visit, it will be warm but not too hot and muggy yet, and the flowers are in full bloom. Just make sure you go before or after spring break otherwise it will be quite busy and expensive! October is also a great time, the temperature is nice and there are some excellent ghost tours in Charleston if you enjoy that type of thing.

Plan ahead, wait for sales, and always use a promo code

It’s not really that hard to get a great price on your vacation, just takes a little bit of patience, research on Google, and prep work. Wait until a great sale or coupon comes up, and you’ll be good to go. We look forward to seeing you soon!

AncestryDNA coupon codes

Use AncestryDNA Coupon Codes to See If You Have Any Ancestors From the Carolinas

If you have been planning on visiting the Carolinas as you think you may have heritage here, why not do a DNA test and use to look into it before visiting? I found some AncestryDNA coupon codes that will get you a great price on their DNA testing services.

How to use AncestryDNA coupon codes is divided into two services, there is the genetic testing component at AncestryDNA, and then there is the genealogy database of historical records as well. You can sign up for just one service or the other, but by bundling them both together you will get the best price and the clearest picture of your family tree. You may even find living relatives that you had no idea about before! When you are signing up for any of their services there will be a link on the checkout page that says ‘Have a Coupon?’. Click on that to expand it and then you can enter your AncestryDNA coupon code. Some promo codes will get you free shipping on the DNA test kit, others will get you a discount on access to the historical records.

After you have made your purchase Ancestry will send you a test kit in the mail and instructions on how to take your DNA sample. Once you have completed your test you mail it back to the company, and they will send you an email with your results in approximately 6 weeks. Then it gets exciting!

Use the results of your DNA test and historical records to research your family tree

When you get your test results back, it will include any living relatives of yours who may have also taken a DNA test. If you have signed up for access to the database, you can actually start your research anytime before you get your DNA test back. You start off by inputting as much family information as you can, you can start with even just the names of your parents and grandparents but the more information you can give them the better. Then it will do its thing and give you a bunch of suggestions it has found which will be marked with a leaf icon. You can review them and see if you think they might be a match, if they are then you can add the leaf to the tree!

Since you will be travelling to the Carolinas, you can always narrow your search there if you do find some links. The database includes lot of different records including newspaper articles, school records, marriage licenses, and even prison records! It may turn out that your family is from an entirely different part of the country, but who knows when you get that DNA test back you might find out about a branch of your family tree that you had no idea existed!

Use AncestryDNA coupon codes to help plan your trip to the Carolinas!

Plan your trip to the Carolinas

According to most locals, the best time to visit is April or October. Any later in spring and apparently the bugs come out in full force, and the summer can be quite humid. Local residents feel that winter time is chilly, but depending on where you are coming from you may find the temperatures quite pleasant! Wintertime temperatures range from the low 40s to 60s.

If you’ve found out through your research that you have or had family in a certain area you should definitely take some time to check it out. Otherwise popular places to visit include Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, Asheville, the Outer Banks Islands, Hilton Head Island, Raleigh, and of course Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Carolinas are best known for their beaches and outdoor activities, so it really depends on what you like to do. If you like hanging out at the beach and water activities there are lots of great islands and beaches, or if you prefer the wilderness and hiking you should absolutely visit Great Smoky Mountains. If you’re more of a city slicker then you might enjoy Charleston, particularly if you are interested in local history. The city retains a lot of it’s old charm, and there is a wealth of walking tours available. Not to mention great restaurants!

Enjoy your trip!

Whenever you decide to visit, and if you have a historical link or not, we hope you enjoy visiting the Carolinas! Don’t forget to use that coupon code when getting your AncestryDNA test, and make sure to try some of our wonderful southern food while you are here.

uk people move to charleston

Attention UK Visitors: Here’s Why You Should Move Here.

7 Reasons Why You Should Move to Charleston

With its cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, and friendly residents, it’s easy to see why Charleston gets a lot of attention from tourists. If you haven’t yet visited here from the U.K., you should use a voucher code and get yourself down here right now.

However, there is more to this city than its beautiful pastel pre-civil war era houses. Charleston is considered one of the best cities to live in America thanks to its unique blend of southern charm and modern amenities. If you’re looking for a new home, here are 7 reasons why you should relocate to Charleston, SC.

1. Housing opportunities for every taste and budget

Charleston’s famed beauty is also the driving force behind its bustling real estate market. Although prices are on the rise, the city offers a range of housing options to suit every taste and budget. From Moncks Corner’s small-town feel to the historic homes at West Ashley, Summerville’s proximity to beaches, Downtown’s charming streets, or Sullivan’s islands opulent million-dollar homes, there is something in Charlestown for everybody.

2. Miles of beaches surround you

Charleston location on a peninsula means that you’re never more than a 20-minute drive away from the beach. There are three beaches located within a short distance of the city: Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, and Folly Beach.

Sullivan’s Island is one of the less-crowded beaches in the area but has a rich history that dates back to the Revolutionary Era. Isle of Palms, on the other hand, is a family-favorite where playing beach volleyball, golf, tennis, and water sports is the order of the day. Finally, Folly Beach offers great surfing, a vibrant restaurant culture, and a laid-back atmosphere which draws positive comparisons to Key West.

3. A vibrant food and arts scene

The Holy City’s food and arts scene has always been strong but has exploded since the Food and Wine Festival began in 2006. Charleston is home to some of the best Southern food restaurants in the country, going from dockside seafood booths to 5-star restaurants and everything in between.

The fine arts have a place in Charleston as well. In fact, the city is home to both the oldest theater in the country, the Dock Street Theatre, and the oldest community theater troop in South Carolina, the Footlight Players. Add to that its famous professional ballet and symphony orchestra and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable night!

4. Retiree-friendly communities

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) considers Charleston one of the top five cities for retirees in America. This is in large part due to the availability of excellent medical care, low income and property taxes, as well as the charming atmosphere that invites relaxation.

Although as recently as a decade ago it was hard to find a retirement community, today they seem to be everywhere. Upscale locations like Summerville, in particular, are a magnet for retirees who gravitate toward the golf courses and diverse cuisine that can be found in the area.

5. The best schools in South Carolina

Charleston’s impressive selection of schools makes it a fantastic place to raise a family. The city’s school district, the second largest in the state, is a unique blend of urban, suburban, and rural schools which include renowned elementary schools like the Ashley River Creative Arts Elementary School or the Orange Grove Elementary School.

Furthermore, educational opportunities don’t stop there thanks to the presence of prestigious higher learning institutions like the College of Charleston, Trident Technical College, and The Military College of South Carolina which allow local residents to continue their education and pursue a college degree.

6. Job opportunities are everywhere

Charleston is experiencing an economic boom due to the relocation of many large manufacturing companies, such as Volvo or Boeing, into the city. Besides tourism, the biggest industries in the city involve the medical field, the military, and the ports. If you’re considering moving to Charleston, the city’s diversified and growing economy means you’ll have an easy time finding a good job.

7. It’s the friendliest city in America

This list couldn’t end without mentioning Charleston’s famous Southern hospitality. If you come from another part of the US, particularly one of the big cities in the north, life in Charleston can bring a welcomed change of pace.

Don’t be surprised if friendly neighbors or even strangers go out of their way to strike up a conversation or offer you help. That’s just the way life goes in The Holy City!

There are a thousand reasons to live in Charleston but to sum it up, it’s a place where your dreams can come true. Whether you want to start a new life away from the big city, raise children in a family-oriented environment, or live your golden years in a fairytale-like city, Charleston is a good place to start!

flybe discount code

How to Fly Cheap and Save Tons of Money From The UK to North Carolina

Most often the most expensive part of your vacation is the cost of your plane ticket. Over the last few years, the price of plane tickets has increased dramatically. Therefore it is a huge concern when it comes to how much you will need to pay for the airplane ticket. With a bit of persistence and effort in doing some research, you can still find relatively amazing deals on CouponFeed’s website where you can fly cheaply. Here are some tips on how to fly cheap and saving lots of money from the UK to North Carolina.

Look for budget airlines as an alternative (like Flybe)

With an increase in costs worldwide, budget airline companies have sprung up everywhere in the world. Although these are called budget airlines, most of them now are very decent where the airplanes are new and well maintained.

You can find that these budget airlines can save you a significant amount of money when compared to flying with the mainstream branded airline companies from the UK to North Carolina.

Use frequent flyer loyalty programs

Most airlines from the UK to North Carolina now make it possible for travellers to accumulate the frequent flyer miles which can later be redeemed to upgrade flights according to the preferences of the travellers. Find out what ways are there for you to accrue points under the airline of your choice, so you can maximize on them to later enjoy a free business class update when you redeem your miles.

Use Noise-Canceling Headphones:

best noise-canceling headphonesThis is a must for any flight: noise-canceling headphones block out engine noise and make for a stress reducing lifesaver. AND they don’t have to be incredibly expensive either.

Make use of deals and coupons

In today’s economy, it would be a huge mistake to avoid using any deals or coupons when the savings are so sizeable. We’re talking about the entire cost of your trip being cut by half and more. There are some fantastic deals out there, and by surfing the net it can either make or break your vacation plans.

Discounts in North Carolina are not limited to travel and accommodations. You can easily find coupons and deals for your rental car, Fine Dining, Gambling, Attractions, and Entertainment as well. Having the ability to obtain these Coupons before you even board the plane, is amazing in itself.

Consider a multi-connecting flight

Considering flying by the use of a multi-connecting flight to North Carolina is found to be cheaper than you taking a direct flight. Even though they have an increase in their travelling time, you are assured to save some money at the end.

Book your flight on off-peak days, and on off-peak timings

Booking your UK to North Carolina flight during midweek and during mid-day timings will help you to save costs on your plane ticket. Also booking your flight on off-peak seasons that are away from major holidays is another way that can help save a significant amount of money on your aeroplane ticket. Also, it is recommended to book your airplane tickets earlier in advance to ensure you maximize the savings that you will get.

Travelling by airplane from the UK to North Carolina is a very expensive part of your trip. However, with some careful planning, you can land those special deals that can help you save a lot of money on your plane ticket so that you can fly as cheap as possible.

Hotel Coupon Codes For The Holiday Inn Express in Harrisonburg, Virginia

If you’re heading north out of the Carolinas Harrisonburg, Virginia is an attractive destination for those who are traveling I-81. The I-81 is a beautiful drive with plenty of great scenery to look at, but it’s also a long one so it’s nice to find a place to settle down and get some rest.

How to Find Hotwire Hotel Discounts

Sometimes people want to just keep driving (which can be dangerous if you are tired or have been at it for a long time) because they think a hotel will be too expensive, even for a night. But, if you know how to find a Hotwire promo code that won’t be the case at all. Always do your homework and find a coupon or a really good rate before booking, especially if you are looking at the last minute there are some really good deals to be found!

secret booking prices

Harrisonburg, VA

Whether you’re heading north or south, Harrisonburg offers a convenient place to stop in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley. The top attractions in Harrisonburg are historic downtown, James Madison University and the Massanutten Resort, which features an indoor water park. If you’re using Harrisonburg as a stopover opposed to a destination point, your best option in regards to accommodations will be the Holiday Inn Express. It’s right off Exit 243. Make a left off the exit and the hotel is within sight.

Holiday Inn Express in Harrisonburg

The Holiday Inn Express Harrisonburg leaves a good first impression thanks to its curb appeal, overall cleanliness and friendly service. Upon arrival, guests might notice that the lobby is not as big as it seems in the online pictures. This is unfortunate, but it shouldn’t act as a deterrent. The lobby is also catty-cornered to the hallway, making it difficult to determine where to enter with baggage. The quiet elevator is only a few feet away around the corner, making the front entrance the best option for baggage.

Hotel Amenities

This is a three-floor hotel with vending machines and ice on the first and third floors. The first floor is also home to the indoor pool, fitness center and business center. The indoor pool area is extremely hot and uncomfortable. The water in the pool is also unclear, making the makeshift readings posted on the wall suspicious. The hot tub is much cleaner. The fitness center only has three treadmills; no strength-training equipment is offered. The computer in the business center works well, but the room lacks air and is uncomfortable.

Hotel Rooms

On a more positive note, the rooms in this hotel are comfortable. The beds and pillows are close to a 10. The shower pressure is the best you will find in any hotel in the country. The overall cleanliness of the furniture and carpet are impressive. The only negatives are tube TVs and air conditioning that takes a while to kick in.

Complimentary Breakfast

The complimentary breakfast here is well above average. It features cereal, bagels, pancakes, eggs, bacon, muffins, fruit, juice and almost anything else you could possibly think of eating for breakfast. The tables are small, but the dining area is comfortable. A large flat-screen TV provides morning entertainment for those who are interested.

Overall, the Holiday Inn Express Harrisonburg is a well-kept secret. It offers convenience, comfort and friendliness at affordable rates. The hotel amenities are the only drawback, but every hotel has its negatives, and these negatives are miniscule.


5 Cool Things & Coupons to Do Them for Valentine’s Day

Chocolates, cards, and flowers are de rigueur for Valentine’s Day. Sadly, not a lot of thought goes into the celebration. It’s easy (and lazy) to grab a dozen red roses from the local grocery store or florist. Instead of schlepping home with a heart-shaped carton of misery, break out of the box and score points with your sweetie with these five non-traditional ideas.

Go on a scavenger hunt

Let your ultimate destination be a suite (or room) at a hotel or resort. Leave cryptic clues directing your sweetheart to pick up fun items for your blissful evening. This can be as involved or simple as you’d like. He or she will pick up candles, wine, or massage oil. Or create your own theme. The point is to build anticipation. If all goes according to plan, your sweetheart will arrive at the destination eager to explore all options!

Save on a Weekend Drive with Avis Promo Codes

You can rent a car for the weekend and explore the countryside around you. Here in South Carolina there are lots of bed and breakfasts, cafes, and things to see and do all around the State. Car rental rates tend to go up around Valentines Day, but you can also use a coupon website to make this an affordable trip option. has lots of great Digitalocean promo code options for all merchants, including web hosting. If you decide you want to stay in a hotel for the weekend as well they have you covered for that too!

expedia coupon

Go on a picnic

Sure, this could be considered traditional. But your creativity will make it magical. Theme your picnic based on local cuisine or interesting places in your city. Be daring – not everyone wants candy. If she has a sweet tooth, impress her with dipping chocolates and fresh fruit, cookies, or cake. Grab a portable fondue pot, assorted chvalentines-dayeese, chocolates, and fruit. Dip, drizzle, and swirl until the cows come home. If the idea of melted sweets is not your idea of fun, simply pack your basket with whatever makes the two of you happy. No matter what you decide, the key is to create a moment they won’t forget.


Binge on movies (or TV series)


Not everyone wants to compete for parking or tickets at crowded theaters. Have a movie night (or weekend) at home. Catch up on your favorite series or head back into time with the golden oldies. Stock up on snacks, treats, and beverages.

Cook together

You can do this at home or head to a cooking class. Step out of your comfort zone and create something you’ve only seen on late-night cooking shows. The idea is not so much what you eat, but that you make the food together. Depending on your relationship this could be as simple as grilled cheese and tomato soup or as complex as shrimp and lobster paella.

Couples Game Night  (or Spa Night)

The idea here is to have fun with your sweetheart and your friends. This can be tricky so make sure it’s presented in the right way. For new couples, this may be a way to ease the Valentine’s Day pressure. Invite friends over for board or card games. There are literally thousands of game ideas on the internet. Some can be downloaded right to your smartphone or tablet. Fire up the grill, open some wine, and relax with other couples. Share relationship goals or advice. Have friends that have been married forever? Ask them to share do’s and don’ts for successful relationships.

Some South Carolina Spas:

Luxury South Carolina Resort – Bluffton SC | Montage Palmetto Bluff

Valentine’s Day needn’t be stressful, boring, or routine. Flowers and chocolates are great, but find new ways to celebrate lover’s day. Once you put on your thinking cap, you’ll find that creating memories is easy.


New Dating Craze: Coloring and Cocktails?

Trying to meet new and interesting singles in Charlotte? Maybe you should get into coloring books. Seriously.

No need for dating website promo codes, all you need is crayons.

A sample adult coloring book.

The City Art Room is holding a Coloring and Cocktails party that involves, you guessed it: coloring books and alcohol. The even is BYOB, so you’ll need to bring your own booze. According to its website, you are also strongly encouraged to bring your own food, or have it delivered (all hail MakeaFoodieCall!).

The website does stipulate that the coloring books are ‘premium’. What were the ones that I used as a kid? There were different levels? Did the rich kids get to color in majestic steeds while I was trying to stay-inside-the-lines of a hippo?

More Details of This Event:

City Art Room
5019 Wilkinson Blvd
Charlotte, NC, United States

Maybe this is what the dating scene needs: no awkward job interviews over dinner. Instead we can forget our troubles and be as care-free as kids.

carolina christmas speedway

Speedway Christmas at Charlotte Motor Speedway

It’s Thanksgiving week so that means that Christmas has officially begun! And Charlotte Motor Speedway isn’t missing any of the action with the opening of their spectacular holiday light show, Speedway Christmas. Now in its fifth year, this holiday classic features more than three million lights, an infield Christmas Village and a unique chance to drive the historic track. If you are still looking for a good gift for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list, take a look at these headphones in the $50 range.

One of the brightest spots on the Carolina Christmas Corridor, which extends from Tanglewood Park in Clemmons to Biltmore House in Asheville, highlights of Speedway Christmas include:

* A completely redesigned 3.1-mile drive of lights, which meanders the infield of the 1.5-mile speedway (you actually get to drive on the track!) and continues under the concourse behind the grandstands.

*More than 800 light displays set to music along the track.

*An infield winter wonderland including a Bethlehem Village live nativity scene, petting zoo, Santa’s Workshop (including visits with Santa), Christmas trees, fair rides, and food.

*Drive-in holiday movies such as Elf, Frozen, and Christmas Story, each Friday and Saturday night on one of the world’s largest HD TVs.

*Dining in the Speedway Club overlooking Speedway Christmas.

Speedway Christmas opened for the season this past weekend. The light show is open every night through December 30th, with the exception of Christmas Day. The Christmas Village is open every Thursday through Sunday evenings, as well as Monday, December 23 and Tuesday, December 24.
Admission into Speedway Christmas is $20 per car on nights when the Christmas Village is open and $15 per car on nights when it is closed.

Light up your holiday season with Speedway Christmas at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Drayton Hall

Charleston Virtual Advent Calendar Filled with Holiday Goodies

It’s baaaack! The Christmas in Charleston Virtual Advent Calendar is back starting today and is offering up some creative and tasty holiday offerings. Showcasing Charleston-based and Charleston-made products, the calendar offers unique, time-sensitive reveals about Christmastime in Charleston from area’s local tastemakers, shop owners, attractions, restaurants, and tour operators every day.

Although the specific product and deals will be a secret until the day of, a sample of the deals that will appear between December 1-24 include:

*A festive DIY decorating tip from noted event planner Tara Guérard, named one of Vogue’s Top 5 Star Wedding Planners in 2014

*A sweet holiday recipe from Heritage, Chef Sean Brock’s first New York Times best-selling cookbook

*A downloadable complimentary parking pass to use in select downtown city-owned parking garages

*A tradition-steeped eggnog recipe from Brooks Reitz, owner of Jack Rudy Cocktail Company

Sounds like a perfect way to shop for all our friends and family this holiday season. And a fun way to count down to Christmas!

spa carolina

Warm Up Your Winter at a North Carolina Spa

Winter can leave you feeling blah. Not everyone can afford to fly away on a helicopter tour on the Hawaiian islands at a moment’s notice. But if you want to offset the shorter days and chilly temperatures of the season, treat yourself to a warming spa package. Across North Carolina, spas are countering the frigid weather with treatments and packages that will warm the soul and rejuvenate the spirit. Since this is not the ideal driving weather, you may want to use a flight promo code to travel to the area.

Here are seasonal specials from 11 of North Carolina’s top resort spas:

The Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge

Celebrate the season with a Perky Peppermint Pedicure, featuring a candy cane champagne soak, caramel coffee scrub and massage leaving your soles super refreshed. Or unwind with a Honey Pumpkin Soufflé Wrap & Facial, including a spicy whipped honey sea salt exfoliation, ginger sorbet shea butter wrap and a pick-me-up facial. Enhance it with a Winter Getaway, Girls Getaway or Spa Escape overnight package for a total winter-warming splurge.

Chetola Resort

Blowing Rock
Take the stress out of the holidays with a the two-night Stress-Free Spa Package, including accommodations, a 60-minute massage, a fitness or yoga class, 10-percent off spa products and breakfast each day. Or chase away the winter doldrums with a Spa Day-cation Package, featuring your choice of a 60-minute Chetola Signature Swedish Massage or Signature Facial, spa lunch, unlimited use of the pool, Jacuzzi and dry sauna; full use of the fitness center, choice of fitness and yoga classes; and complimentary beverages. And be sure to check out the newly opened Hair Boutique at the Spa, exclusively featuring the full line of Aveda hair care products.

The Fearrington House Inn

To get you party-ready for the holidays, try the anti-aging Visible Brilliance Facial. And keep your skin rejuvenated during the harsh winter months with the Frangaponi Salt Glow Exfoliation and Massage. The mineral-rich salts and hibiscus cleanse will exfoliate your skin, while an infusion of exotic Tahitian monoi massage oil and frangipani flowers seal in moisture.

Inn on Biltmore Estate

Enjoy the 8,000-acre Vanderbilt property and pamper yourself at The Spa at the Inn on Biltmore Estate. Spice up your winter with a Ginger Glow Swedish massage, complemented with an organic ginger body butter and detoxifying heated herbal poultice. Hydrate your winter skin with a Ginger Glow facial, featuring a marine-based collagen and ginger masque. Or treat your feet to an organic ginger foot soak and an invigorating ginger salt scrub as part of a Ginger Glow pedicure.


Enjoy the serenity of winter with the Comfort and Joy Package, including deluxe accommodations for two nights, a three-course dinner for two in Madison’s Restaurant, two classic spa treatments and an Elf tuck-in for the wee ones. Or rejuvenate with the Winter Slip Away and Save Package, featuring accommodations, spa treatments, dinner at Madison’s and plenty of time left over to indulge in a little winter shopping therapy or outdoor adventure.

The Omni Grove Park Inn

Relax and celebrate the season at The Omni Grove Park Inn as the smell of gingerbread fills the air during the Annual National Gingerbread House display. Enjoy the world-class subterranean spa, featuring cavernous rock walls, arches, tunnels and 20 water features — and sip on organic herbal Cinnamon Plum tea in one of the relaxation lounges. Let the hustle and bustle melt away with a signature body treatment, massage or facial, including the new mind-blowing Ultimate Facial coming mid-January.

Pinehurst Resort

Enjoy the season with the Wonders of Winter seasonal massage featuring Farm House Fresh’s Hello Yellow Shea Butter whip blended with cinnamon-spiced massage oil (think gingerbread). Combine it with a Honey Heel Glaze, with scents of cinnamon, clove and honey to let yourself unwind into the warmth of the season. If you prefer a traditional pedicure, the Cinnamon Cider Pedi combines a decadent Bourbon Bubbler scrub with a soothing cider-fizzing soak and a dollop of super-hydrating Hello Yellow Shea Butter.
The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte

The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Wellness Center offers winter indulgence and rejuvenation throughout the spa with arctic berry peel facials, red velvet body scrubs, and red velvet manicures and pedicures. Enjoy weekday special prices on best-selling nail services Mondays through Thursdays.


The Sanderling is celebrating the “spaaahlidays” with a Holly Jolly wrap and facial, which will envelop your body and mind with scents of apple, pumpkin, orange and spice. Or get in touch with your inner solitude and cleanse your body with a Winter Glow Chakra or Holiday Hammam ritual featuring a Moroccan mint and salt scrub followed by a cocoon of jasmine- and rose-infused clay. Top it all off with a Mistle’Toes spa pedicure.

The Umstead Hotel and Spa

Pomegranate is all the rage this holiday season and The Umstead has several spa treatments that take advantage of this rich source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Be transported to a deep-relaxed state with a Pomegranate and White Tea Swedish Massage. Or indulge your senses and your feet in a luxurious Pomegranate & Fig Luxury Pedicure, including an exfoliation, foot and lower leg massage, and a glass of champagne.


Shoji Spa & Lodge is the only Japanese-style bathhouse and spa on the East Coast, and its Winter Warmth Package offers up deep relaxation 2,500 feet above stress level. Enjoy a one-hour private spa pass featuring aromatherapy showers, a dry cedar sauna, and a private outdoor hot tub, followed by an 80-minute Swedish massage with your choice of a cypress and tea tree oil scalp massage or a warming ginger sake exfoliating foot treatment.